pyrasite-gui - A graphical interface for Pyrasite

The pyrasite-gui is a graphical interface for Pyrasite that lets you easily monitor, analyze, introspect, and alter running Python programs.



  • Python debuginfo (needed for live object inspection)
  • PyGObject3 Introspection bindings
  • WebKitGTK3
  • meliae (easy_install/pip may not work for this install. If not, use the tarball from the distribution website. You may need to install Cython in order to get meliae to build)
  • pycallgraph
  • psutil

Distribution-specific instructions

# Fedora
yum --enablerepo=updates-testing install python-psutil python-debuginfo python-pycallgraph pygobject3 webkitgtk3 python-meliae

# Ubuntu:
apt-get install python-dbg python-pycallgraph python-gobject-dev gir1.2-webkit-3.0 python-meliae python-psutil

# Arch
pacman -S python2-psutil python2-gobject python2-pycallgraph libwebkit3 python2-meliae